Jim Prue


jim prue

I started to pay close attention to music in my early teens in 1972. It was a good time. All the music and fashion of the ‘60s was still there, and the Glitter Rock era had begun. I like hearing Songs on the radio like “Time Of The Season” by the Zombies and “Sunshine Superman” by Donovan, to the new hits like “Frankenstein” by Edgar Winter Group, “Superstition” by Stevie Wonder, and “Smokin’ In the Boys Room” by Brownsville Station.

More inspiration was on Friday and Saturday nights with the late night concert shows on television. They included In Concert, Rock Concert and The Midnight Special. I saw early performances by Golden Earring, Alice Cooper, Ike & Tina Turner, T. Rex, Grand Funk Railroad and others. These concert shows predated the music video scene of MTV and Much Music by ten years.

I also took every opportunity to check out my favorite bands live, which included Aerosmith, Pink Floyd, Alice Cooper, Queen and Santana to name a few. I started taking photographs at concerts in the late ‘70s. I took my camera to every show I went to. By the early ‘80s I had built up a portfolio of acts and was shooting for various music magazines.

Being a photographer on the Toronto music scene was a lifestyle. I could be sent to shoot a major Rock act at Maple Leaf Gardens or a new group playing a nightclub during the ‘80s and ‘90s. I like listening to a variety of music, from Rock, Blues, Jazz and traditional Soul and Funk. I focused on photographing acts within theses musical genres.

Back then it was all film, which was fine with me. Digital photography was just coming in when I left the music biz at the end of the ‘90s. I did studio work but most of my shooting was in front of the stage. All the photos on my website are of artists whose music I like listening to and enjoyed seeing live.

Jim Prue